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my first skinny trip



see the problem with me is that i've dealt with alot of bad situations growing up. i'm a only girl in a family of 6. i have 3 brothers that are not really focused too much on their appearance and being petite like i have. i was always "thick" im 5'1 and all through high school i was about 145-155lbs and that was OK. i had a little pouch but i loved my curves.. then after highschool, my friends and i organized a trip to hawaii.. that's when all my unhealthy eating habits began. i would literally not eat all day friday to look good in my dress on saturday. i lost about 30 lbs and i looked great... i only looked good. but my health was taking a toll. i started to get sick every two weeks and would get light headed. i'd smoke to avoid eating i'd drink so much it was ridiculous, i even tried drugs a couple of times...i hated myself then... i love my fat self now. LOL. to be honest, i was so dumb an naive...i was slowly killing myself. i even went into a depression because of all the stupid choices i was making. my wakeup call was when i was about to jump into the shower and i fainted, home alone and locked door... with the water running. i thought to myself, "im going to die naked!" it's funny to me now but it really turned everything around for me. i started eating and spent more time with my family. we cooked our mexican "comfort foods" daily and that really helped me with my depression.. i snapped out of it but i was 40 lbs heavier, then 60, then 80... then i just got really lazy.. i watched tv all the time and ate... but now i've made a better decision.. after this procedure i know i am worth alot more...i'm worth the money and the time... i know i have over come so much crap and i already know how great i can look, except this time around im going to do it the healthy way... and it's a life style change, to look great in my own skin and feel great as a human being, not like the failure i felt before... here i come.

this promise is to me... and that's it.



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