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First week results



Week 1 down, 7 more to go. I am thrilled that I actually exceeded my 10 hour exercise goal. I had over 10 hours by Monday, so it was nice to really take it easy on Tuesday and just do 2 regular dog walks and nothing else. It was cold and rainy yesterday and there is supposed to be more of the same the rest of this week. But I got a new workout from Blockbuster in the mail yesterday. We increased our Blockbuster online plan from 2 movies at a time to 3 and now I just make sure I always have a workout video to do at home. FitTV also has workouts during the day that I can do to switch things up. One thing I know for sure is that I get bored doing the same thing week after week. It's a good thing there are so many old logging roads around our house. I can pick a different trail/road every day.

And I made it to the gym on Sunday, I hadn't been there since the middle of April. Hooray! I know I just need to get started a few times with the gym and then it will start to become a habit again. I think it helps to be balanced in my workouts, and I always end my weight workout with about 20 minutes of yoga stretches. Actually, the yoga is like my reward for the workout. My gym has this giant padded table and I love to do my 'floor' work on this nice comfy table.

As for my weight goal.. well, let's see how I can put a positive spin on this. I am up about a pound since last week. It's disappointing, but not surprising given that my husband and I went on a little bit of a dessert binge last week. But that's ok. I gave myself 8 weeks to lose 8 pounds, and when I'm really in alignment with myself I can lose 2 to 3 pounds per week. I know it's just my wild child rebelling a little bit, but I can calm that down once I get my exercise routine in full swing. I started rereading Martha Beck's 4 Day Win book to help me deal with this. I highly recommend this book. I'll have to write more about this in another blog post, it's getting time to walk the dogs.

Excercise Goals for past three days:

Sunday - go to gym, do 1 or 2 dog walks = 1.5 hrs

Actual - 20 +20 + 30 + 60 (gym) = 2 hrs 10 min

Monday - long hike day, plus 1 or 2 more walks = 2 hrs

Actual - 65 min in am, + 15 = 1 hr 20 min

Tuesday - easy day, 3 short dog walks = 1 hr

Actual - 20 + 25 = 45 min

Weight goal: started at 158, goal for week 1 was 157.

Actual - 159 on 5/26


Excercise Goals for next three days:

Wed- go to gym, do 1 or 2 dog walks = 1.5 hrs

Actual -

Thurs- long hike day, plus 1 or 2 more walks = 2 hrs

Actual -

Fri- gym?, 3 dog walks = 1.5 hr

Actual -

Weight goal: started week 2 at 159, goal for 6/2 is 158. (PMS week and I usually gain 2 lbs, so this might be pushing it).

Actual -


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