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Favorite diet food?



Tonight, I'm going to try making some cucumber salad. Yummy! Mine's a little different than those in Japanese restaraunts.

Aileen's CuCu Salad:

What you need:

-3-5 cucumbers

-5 sweet peppers (look like small red, orange, and yellow bell peppers)

-2 tbsp. Splenda granulated sugar

-1-1.5 cup lemon juice

-.25 tsp. salt


-Small bowl



-Plate/Cutting board


-Slice your cucumbers and peppers.

-Mix Splenda, lemon juice, and salt into small bowl.

-Mix cucumbers and peppers, then place in larger bowl.

-Move, move, shake, shake, now drop your seasonings into the larger bowl.


What do YOU like to snack on? (Say potato chips and I will hurt you!)



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I love pickles! The only problem? They make me so thirsty... which makes me hungry!

I'm not talking sweet dills. I'm talking big, green, sour, delicious Persian pickles! :P Yummy!

So, I figured out a solution: drink a glass (or bottle, etc.) of water with one pickle. I know after you get the band, it's against the rules to eat and drink at the same time, but I'm on the Pre-Op Diet, so I guess for now it's alright since pickles will be my once-in-a-while well-deserved treat.

Listen to me, I've been on a diet for three days and I've already lost it! :D

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do you like zucchini? if you do, remind me to give you a really good soup recipe for your post op stage, you should try practicing drinking 30-45 mins after you eat so it wont be so hard when you're already banded.

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