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need to find a doctor for my fill



I had my lapband surgery done on July 17/08 by Dr.Ortiz and am now looking for a doctor in Canada to do my first fill???


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I live in Calgary.. There is a doctor who does it here but he wants crazy amount of money I will be glad to drive somewhere else. I contacted another dr. in reddeer my doctor has refered me their 3 times and they always say they didn't get it??????

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Hello, hope things are well with you, good luck in finding a DR. in Calgary.I was reading a posting earlier that mentionned DrMitchell and Dr Decaoteux at Peter lougheed Hospital, i saw that he was reccomeded.

Good luck.

I will be looking for a DR on Ottawa, Canada. let me know if someone knows anyone

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thanks so much I actually have an appointment with Dr.Mitchell on Aug 28 for my first fill. I am so scared I know I am a freak.. I guess the whole needle and being awake scares me. Suck it up I know..LOL

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