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Losing the weight is great!



In 2004 I had the lapband procedure and as of January I had lost a total of 186 lbs!!! I have since gained 20 lbs, partially due to not taking my thyroid medication, and binging. How can I get back on track. I have been walking on the treadmill also, 2-3 miles per day, I'm in need of some major encouragement, also, what is a great stomach exercise without spending money.

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That is so wonderful that you lost all that weight. Congratulations on sticking with it since 2004. You should post your message to the main forum, you will get a lot more responses there I'm sure. There are a lot of helpful, loving people on the forum who will be happy to give you lots of encouragement. I'd recommend keeping track of your meals and posting them daily like several others are doing. Being mindful of what I'm eating during the whole day is really helpful for me.

As for ab excercises, google Pilates mat exercises. I'm sure you could find a bunch of videos on utube as well. It's great for working all your ab muscles and you don't need anything to do most of the exercises. And keep up the treadmill work, exercise helps us on many levels, including feeling happier.


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