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I have been considering the lap band for some time, and now within the last few weeks have decided to go for it. Can you give me your honest thoughts and opinions on the OCC, your experience, the process, do you think it's truly helped? I've seen some really great success stories and then others don't seem like they have lost as much as I would think. Just trying to make sure this is the best decision at the right place. Thank you so much now for all of your thoughts! I think sometimes this is the BEST way to make decisions, hearing from all of you!

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Thank you so much for sharing and giving the advice to post in the discussion forum. I need to hear from others that have been through the experience.. People keep saying to me, You don't have that much to lose, yet what they fail to realize is I need to lose 75 lbs!!! I see so many failed bands, and they change over to gastric by pass. I see some that just haven't lost very much weight.. I just worry if it's all worth it and if it's really safe in Mexico. I have yet to read of anyone having been treated horribly in Mexico, so I think it has to be the right thing to do! Just odd how much cheaper if really so much better.

Thanks for filling me in!

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