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Hey Ya'll!!!! i felt like talkin :)

Lu Lu


hey ya'll!!! heheehe i finally figured out this dang blog thang. an im 15 years old!! sooooo jus a note for everyone out there.... sometimes... us teens... dont have all the answers. yes yes i know... stunnin aint it? anywho.. hmm im just typing this blog... jus cuz i wanna say that I typed a blog. kinda a funny word huh... BLOG... hehe... BLOG... haha!!! BLOG. k im alright now.... ive been very hyper lately!!! ITS MY VITAMINS!!!! THOSE THANGS WORK!!!!!! an since i got the surgery an lost weight ive jus been a little ball of engery. it is fun! haha all those other friends that i cudnt keep up with now... CANT KEEP UP WITH ME!!! ooo an especially when i have those Baskin Robbins small cappichino blasts... WELL LET ME TELL YOU..... the didnt put the word "BLAST" in there for nothin!!! one sip of that thing an you jus BLAST on off!!!! yea... the other day i went to the mall an they is uptown they gots one of them baskin robbins thangs in the food court. well there i was... tryin to decide.... do i want carmel er mocha (i ended up gettin the mocha) well i got a drank of that an went straight into dillards an road that movin stairs thang.. whats it called????? ooo!!! yeaa!!! the esceelater. well there i was... ridin up then turnin around an goin down.... i swear.... it was the best time. sippin my frozen mocha blast an ridin that esceelater. then.... i got off it an went home!! it was a fun trip to the mall... on the way out i stopped at barnes an noble place an looked at a book about umm let me think.... crap i know i know this word... o yea!! PHILOSPHY i think. it was purdy cool!! yup. well i think ima go... i gots to go to the airport.... hehe they have esceelaters there too!!! but last time i went on one there ppl started acting like i was up to somethin..... all i was doin was jus ridin the esceelater.... but now im banned from it..... all i remember is somethin about me ridin on that then i randomly seen someone i knew that goes by the name Jack.... well all i did was ride the thing about 10 times hmming the mission impossible theme then seen him an yelled "HI JACK!!!!!!!" an these big ppl in uniforms came an took me in for questioning.... it was a big mess an misunderstanding.... o well... i didnt mind... jus doin their jobs! well i think ima go.... have a nice day!!! byes!!


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