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Hello All Plication....eers



Hi all I just wanted to post on my Gastric Plication Surgery that took place on Dec 14th. It was an experience being in Mexico. The staff was really nice and the surgery went well. I have one suggestion is that if you can afford one extra day in Mexico do stay because what got me was the long flight home which was over 8 hrs. I also figured I would talk about the Plication because there is not many people on here that i could find to talk about it with me about. Ok day 1 after surgery I was taken back to my room for some R and R, which me begin me I wanted to run around to help the weight fall off faster...lol. No but seriously I just felt if I could walk more I would reduce my healing time so i walked for hours. Day 2 I did the same thing but I began throwing up blood which I'm still not sure why but I had the same problem before giving birth so I didn't think too much of it. It wasn't a deep red so I considered it to be old blood from the surgery which is a normal thing considering it is surgery . Day 3 I walked some more and threw up a little more blood I was then taken for my endoscopy to insure that everything was find which it was. Day 4 I went home on a bumpy flight. Now that I'm home I have lost 26 pds from the surgery with 90 more pounds to lose. Only thing that is beating me in the head is this liquid diet because I'm not sure of what I'm suppose to really eat or should I say (drink) because I have had a lot of friends that had Gastric Bypass telling me not to eat cream of chicken soup because of the sodium and carbohydrates. I guess I will be calling OCC for some advice. Until we speak next time LOSE WEIGHT FEEL GREAT.


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