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It's all about me now!



Well week one is almost done! 10lbs down and it's so worth it! It wasn't easy all the time but the majority of the time my body told me to stop! Yes, like when I thought I was smarter than everyone else and could have those 2 peanut butter crackers....I felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach and pain in the middle of my back for an hour. Not worth it! ok lesson learned! I sure some of you have secret sabotagers like I do. I have the mother inlaw who constantly says "are you sure you can do this?" Well lets see I gave my Dr a hefty down payment, I'm in debt for lots and lots of money now, I let someone put something foriegn in my stomach. Um............yeah I think I can do this! I know sometimes they mean well but when you are a Fat person, yes I said the F word, Your brain takes it all the wrong way. You start thinking, well they think I will fail, mabye I am a failure? am I going to fail this? So I say step back, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that YOU are the only one that matters! YOU are the one who can fix your problems, and YOU are a winner! I'm a winner people! I have survived the first week after having my lap band!!! Yay for me, 10lbs down! Lets get this party started!

Colleen Out!

sizzle.....that was me cause I'm so hot!


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