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OCC is Like going to a SPA and has much more than just WLS to offer.



In my next Blog entry I will talk about my Plication journey thus far but right now I wanted to mention some other features of the OCC that many people may not be aware of.

On March 9th I had my plication surgery. While I was in the operating room my Mother spoke to Linda Martin a wonderful and beautiful nurse who works in the esthetics departments of the OCC. She and Dr.So perform non-invasive cosmetics procedures for family and patients at the OCC.

So while I was in surgery my Mother, who is 60, went and had some treatments. Ms. Martin and Dr. So are highly trained and professional. Being a little older, my Mom has lost collagen in her face. She wanted to have some fillers around her cheeks and mouth to plump up those areas again. She also had some botox for the lines and creases around her eyes and brow.

Mom loved the results and the next day when I was being discharged we both went back with Dr. So and Ms. Martin and I got some botox and Mom got some more filler. I love the results. I had been getting botox here in Canada for a couple of years because I had a deep furrow in my brow but Dr. So also gave me botox for crows feet and for the little lines in the forehead. The clinic I had gone to here in Canada had tried to do my crow's feet before but with no results. I am loving the results from the OCC. LOVE IT. I didn't have lines around my eyes YET but now I can't even make the crinkles around my eyes. It's great and NO ONE WOULD EVER GUESS unless you told them. I tell everybody because I think it's great.

My Mom is also telling everybody about her Juvederm filler. She is loving it. They did such a great job. The filler lasts about 6-12 months so she is thinking about coming back to the OCC for surgery and wants to get more filler at that time.


I highly recommend it.

That's all for now.

I will talk about the surgery next time...which by the way I am totally happy with so far.



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I do indeed like the results. Thanks again Linda. Hope to be back sometime soon. It's 4 weeks since my surgery and I have lost 14 pounds. Not bad so far.

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I am curious about the other services the CC has to offer. I am having plication surgery in the near future and I have a girlfriend coming along with me. She is interested in having botox/restilan/juverderm (whatever is recommended)I'm curious about the result of the fillers. I too have a deep furrow in my brow and would love for it to "go away" as it makes me look older than I am and even angry sometimes. Please let mne know how you like your results,



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Hi Feather,

My Mom has loved her Juvederm so far and it has taken years off her appearance. It is temporary but she would love to get it again. It last from about 6-12 months.

I am 34 but I had a furrow in brow since my early 20's. I have been getting botox in my forehead for a couple of years now. It takes a little time for the appearance of the furrow to lessen but within 6 months I had a much softer appearance. If you continue to get botox every 5-6 months over time the muscles weaken and the crease smooths out. I would highly recommend it. I love Botox and it's less expensive at the OCC and Ms. Martin and Dr. So do a great job. I am just beginning to get the lines (crow's feet) around my eyes when I smile but I got botox with Dr. So and I have no lines around my eyes when I smile. One of my friends said that "it is like being 12 again".

Also, there is a product at the OCC which Linda showed us that you can apply to your eyelashes and they grow in thicker. We saw some pictures and there is a significant difference. My eyelashes are ok so I didn't go for it but there are a lot of people that I think would like it.

I am not too sure about some of the other treatments offered there but I am sure there are many.

I'm sure that if you reply to the first comment which is from Ms. Martin that she would be happy to let you know about some of the other treatments that they have to offer.

Best of luck to you and congrats on having your Plication at the OCC. Everyone there is helpful and kind and all the doctors and staff are great.

Take care,


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