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9 days post Plication :)



http://<a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/w2BQl7S/">

Ok, so had my surgery 10 days ago today.. On April 12th. Down 9 lbs since surgery 12 lost prior to surgery total of 21 yay!! For those of you that have your surgery coming up try not to be too nervous, the staff is great, the facility and hotels are great. The surgery is surgery so easier for some than for others but with the care at OCC you know that you are in good hands.
For me after the surgery was hard, I was very nautious the first night, and spent a lot of it either throwing up, or being medicated to stop the nautiousness.. I will not lie it was not fun, but the staff was great and there were 3 other plication patients that day besides me and non of them had more than mild nausia. After the first night I started feeling better, I was a lot more tired than I thought I would be. They tell you to walk after surgery, I recomend it.. it helps a lot. The day we went back home was hard for me as well, just 2 days post surgery I was still dealing with nautiousness and that made it a long car and plane ride home.. If I had it to do over I may have stayed in TJ at the hotel 1 more day to rest. The day after I got home and got some good sleep I started feeling back to normal again and by the second day home 4 days post surgery the nautiousness had completly subsided. Each day I have become less sore and have more energy, still a little sore but just around the incision site. I am on full liquids now, and found these great Odwalla protien monster shakes.. they have 25 grams of protien and come in small servings ( what I used to think was small) On day 7 post surgery it took me all day to drink just one. Today it was much easier to get it down, and I really think it helps with the energy.
I have not felt hungry yet since the surgery but, I know my stomach is still healing. I have had a few moments where I thought..what the heck did I do, I just want to eat a burger.. I think that was the mental hunger they warned me about... I was not physically hungry. I am only learning the difference now. Prior to surgery I had no idea.. I just ate and felt hungry all the time. It has been such a great feeling to not have that.
Some things to remind yourself, take small sips, walk, walk, walk.. you will need rest even if you are like me and think you are superwoman allow yourself that time it does help, when you start full liquids again make sure your bites/drinks are very small to start..

I will keep posting.. that is all I can think of for now except, I was worried whether or not I was making the right decision to have this surgery or not and I know I am only 10 days post surgery but, I am already so glad I made the decision to have the surgery!


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