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Plication surgery date Jul 17 2011



So I thought I would blog about my experience with gastric plication because before the surgery I had a hard time finding someone with circumstances similar to mine. What makes my situation unique is that I was over weight and obese "clinically" however in terms of what most people consider overweight needing surgery I probably wouldn't have made the list. But I certainly did make the "fat" list in my own mind and I was more sick of hating myself and weight, and felt so defeated with my efforts. So at 5'3" and 175 lbs I had a really hard time finding anyone on-line in youtube blogs or otherwise that I could compare myself to. I qualified for placation surgery because my BMI was 30, just the minimum. When I was doing my research on the surgery I decided to book the surgery because there is a strong history of diabetes in my family, I had dieted and worked out for a solid 6 months and dropped a lousy 20 lbs, and as soon as I stopped the unmanageable work-out routine I piled all the 20 lbs back on and because I have a job in PR and whether I like it or not people are always judging you on your appearance and it does effect my bottom line. So prior to my surgery these are the things that I told myself to convince myself that I was making the right decision. My husband on the other hand, wanted to hear nothing of this procedure business. He was adamant from the get-go that I didn't need the surgery my weight problem was more of a confidence problem that was in my head and he was adamant that I looked good, not to mention the surgery came with a $7500 price tag and a flight to Mexico. He was almost most furious when he heard that it was in Mexico. I did my research, I'd been to Mexico many times before and wasn't so fearful of having the surgery there, I was pretty confident that the Doctors were more than qualified. So I booked my surgery. Because my BMI was low I didn't have to do the pre-surgery diet, all I had to do was liquids 48 hours before surgery. I went to Mexico alone, I wouldn't do that part again. I felt really lonely, that was a very hard low time for me. I don't deal with pain well, and following the surgery I was nauseous from the anesthetic, I just wouldn't wish to repeat that experience alone again.

The week following surgery I thought I'd go right back to work, but I ended up taking about 3 days off to sleep and recoup because it was harder then I was expecting it to be. The first 3 weeks after the surgery was so devastated, I couldn't really eat anything, and I was thinking what the hell did I do to myself? I hadn't lost but 10 lbs no one had noticed and I was miserable, I was down on myself too because I felt like "how did I ever let myself hate my body and weight enough that I went to that extreme", I think if it had been something I could have reversed at that time I would have.

Now I will post a lot more about specifics since the surgery but I will say this, I no longer feel that way at all. I'm almost 5 months post-op and I've lost 30 lbs so far, my goal is to get down to 120lbs, I'm at 140lb so I have another 20 lbs to go, but I'm over the moon.

Specific things I am happiest about:

-My sex life is much better, I'm so much more confident, I'm no longer embarrassed about being naked in front of my husband

-I went into Victoria Secret last week and asked the sales associate to help me reach a large night gown and she looked at me and said "For you? No way your a medium or small" That felt so damn good, that's never happened to me before!

- I feel for the first time in my life like I have control, in the past I felt in control of everything but my weight and now I feel complete

I will blog more about my experience since surgery, in the meantime if you have any questions or want to know anything specifically please message me, thanks for reading



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Hi SkinnyD!! I can relate to your discouragment with the weight loss. My surgery was Nov. 10, 2011. I lost 20lbs the first week after my surgery. I was like OMG this is going to be amazing. Then I maintained my weight til my one month check up which was 12/8/11. I was so discouraged. I banned myself from my scale. Did some soul searching and when I weighed myself today I lost another 10lbs since last week. I have quite a ways to go to my goal weight, But I am going to get there. Congrats on your weight loss!! You are almost there!!

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Wow! How inspiring! I can definitely relate to what you said about people thinking you do not need surgery. I weight 204 lbs but have amazing curves (thank God) so people can only think I am 170 lbs. My curves add evenness to my body and help me conceal my weight, but I still feel obese, even though my BMI is currently 30 too (measured with a caliper) and I’ve never had any health problems.

Thanks for the reflection on going alone -- I will have to change my plans as I schedule my surgery next month.

I'm very excited for you as you get to your goal (so close)! It must be exciting! Love what you shared about going to VS and feeling complete -- my weight is the only thing I am currently unable to manage, so I totally understand.

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