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One Week Post Op



So I am now one week out, and I am feeling pretty darn good!! Yes, I am hungry, but I know that not eating is helping my stomach heal and will prevent future band slippage. My trip home was a little rough especially being alone, considering the day after surgery I had to walk through the border carrying all of my luggage, fly home which included traveling through the airport, stripping at the metal detectors, putting my shoes on was a bit of a bitch. Flying for 3 hours and then landing and driving another 3 hours to finally reach home. But, I did it!! and I survived!! When I got home I had the worst headache ever I thought I would die from a brain hemmorage.. I learned that dehydration plays a huge role in headaches, so heads up everyone drink drink drink!!! besides that everything is fantastic, the only problem I have and it has been happing since I had the band placed, is the port moves and pops in there it doesn't hurt but its annoying. I spoke with the doctor about this and they said the port can not do any harm and as it heals and I lose weight this will stop happening. Also I haven't had any restriction since the band was placed which is a little weird, of course I havent ate solids or anything but I can drink unlimited amounts of fluids and liquid yogurt. I never experianced any nausea or other things people talk about. Regardless I am still following everything to a "T" .

Highest weight 260

Deciding weight 211

Pre-surgery 202 Post-surgery 209

Today 197 Woot.. Woot...

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