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Happy Birthday to me!!



blog-0604620001344359600.jpgI took a few days off to see my youngest get baptized in the ocean and to celebrate my 47th (gulp) birthday. I had such a wonderful day yesterday. My husband and I spent time shopping and just having a wonderful time. We had a delicious lunch at a small italian restaurant and when they offered to bring the dessert I told her I couldn't have gluten so they brought me a fabulous FABULOUS flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. It was SOOOOO delicous and I had 3 bites and was in heaven and totally satisfied!

I love my sleeve! Have I mentioned that recently? No regrets and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I feel great, can eat a wide variety of foods (even steak which gave me trouble when I had my band). We ate out almost every meal the last 4 days, but the sleeve let me control my volume of food, I made good choices (most of the time!) but felt totally satisfied even with the small amounts (and my husband loves it because he usually finishes up what I have left over!)

Happy Birthday to ME!

If you are wondering about a weight loss surgery or a revision surgery, I'd be happy to speak with you anytime!

Lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com or 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81


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Happy Birthday, fellow San Joaquin Valley resident! You have been incredibly inspiring to me, and I am certain to others. I had plication 7/2/12 with Dr. Ortiz and am loving the results and the freedom to make good choices.

Pamela Adams Johnson

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