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9 Days Post Sleeve Surgery



Surgery was easy breezy! I never had a surgery that went so well. I had one pain pill only because my Mom wanted to go walking and I was feeling a little uncomfortable so I took a pill to get me through the walk. I LOVE my nurse Patti; she is such a jewel. I wished I could have brought her home with me.

Ok, here is the problem; Mom and I both caught a cold on the plane coming home on Thursday night which has not been fun. I had 3 terrible days of carbonated drink withdrawal (terrible headaches) and I think my mind is still craving it. On Friday and Saturday I was STARVING! I thought I wasn't supposed to be hungry for at least the first week. Now my stomach was growling so I know I was hungry. I'm having such a hard time determining whether I'm really hungry or it's in my mind. Does anyone have any suggestions? I SO don't want to mess this up. This surgery was such a precious gift from my Mom and such a blessing in my life. Any support I appreciate it.

Start weight: 262

Pre-surgery weight: 241

Weight today: 237


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The first few weeks were hard for me just stick to the diet I drank a lot of Gatorade and try some Popsicles that helpe me out a lot when you get to the next you won't be has hungry it will get better

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