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i've been working out for the past few days. i'm focusing on my hip/thigh area. walking up and down stairs, leg/hip moves, squats, sprinting...i'm hurting bad haha but it's totally cool. i'm happy to be getting back on a fitness routine. the last time i got a fill the doctor asked me if i was doing anything to lose the weight faster and i was like i exercise sometimes. he was like thats good because that will help you speed along the process so yeah i'm definitely exercising for sure now. the other day i was so busy i didn't have time to drink water so i was dehydrated all day long. i was miserable when i was supposed to be having a good time with my friends. so i'm always going to drink my water now! i have to go now bye!

p.s. i dropped 3 more lbs since last week ^_^


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