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band to gastric HELP



i had the band put in 2 years ago and at first i lost weight and now i am back to were i started.... what should i do? no one around here does fills and once i tell them were i had it they wont let me come there any ways so i dont know what to do ? please help!!!!


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A lot of patients are switching to the Gastric Sleeve because of these same reasons. I too have been looking into the sleeve and could be going that route in the near future.

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From what I understand, due to the scar tissue that can build up around the band when it keeps rubbing the exterior of your upper stomach you would need to look at the sleeve. This takes a part of your stomach out, and will look like the shape of a banana. I hear you can get better results from this procedure, just be aware recovery time is longer. This is not a total fix since you can still re-stretch your stomach again. I hope this helped and the OCC can definitely help you out if decide to go forward.

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