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3 weeks to Plication



blog-0175433001412469802.jpgI'm the one in the middle.

In three weeks I am scheduled to have Plication done. Im 5'4, and at the time of the decision I weighed 195 pounds, "curvaceous" and attractive but definitely overweight. People think I'm crazy when I have to say that I have to lose 70 lbs because I don't look like I am 195 but I feel it. The culminating point was when my doctor gave me a phenteramine prescription to lose weight and it actually made me hungrier and added another 5 pounds and raised my blood pressure. 2 months ago I fell on a hiking trail and messed up my foot so my exercise routine of biking, hiking and rowing is over. Many feelings are at battle right now. Part of me feels like I'm being a cop-out, like I didn't have the discipline to do it the right way. I was an athlete throughout my life and ate relatively healthy but at 50 years old I can't drop weight no matter how well I 'behave'.

I have only told my sister and a coworker that I'm getting this done because I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I'm nervous about f/u because what if something goes wrong after the surgery, where do I go? I'm not going to hop on a plane and go to Tijuana again.

One week into this diet, I am weighing in at 187. I sure hope I'm not one of the statistics that doesn't lose anything.


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I think you'll do just fine with losing weight after surgery. I wish I would have thought to do this when I was in your weight range. Carrying your weight well can be a curse as much as a blessing. I'm the same way, which also meant I didn't notice when I started putting on weight until it was beyond my control. If complications arise, you won't have much time before hospitalization. Tell the emergency room of your surgery and they'll get a specialist for you. Good luck

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I am scheduled for a gastric sleeve on 4/10/15 and am in the same weight range as you and people tell me similar things about not looking like I am 80lbs overweight. I have the very same fears - what if something goes wrong and I never make it back to my family or what if something goes wrong post op! Can I ask how you are doing and why you chose plication?

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Hi Taniaoc,

Thank you for commenting. I chose plication because it was the safest, least invasive, easiest to recover and most "normal" type of surgery. I'm very thankful that is the route I chose because little to no risk. I understand how you feel but the way I ultimately justified it was "I'm gonna go down swinging" If something goes wrong, there is an equal chance for it going wrong in the states. I'm so thankful that I did the surgery. I went from a size 14 (not comfortably) to a size 6-8. While I'm 160 lbs I'm solid and can honestly say I look 135 lbs. I work out quite a bit but I did before. I try to eat healthy but admit I like occasional junk food. I eat a lot less. I love Pure Protein shakes. Lots of protein and vitamins, low calorie, low sugar and low fat. Probably the best I've had. I met someone one month after surgery and I really feel that the surgery has changed the way I see the world and the way the world sees me. Probably the best advice I can tell you is to eat as you have been advised to do. That's the number one reason for complications. I haven't had any complications. Is anyone going with you?

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