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Dolittle's Vacation

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Dolittle's Vacation


Do you newbies and wannabe lap-banders and sleeve patients wonder what it's like to eat at buffets in restaurants at an All-Inclusive resort? Here's how I handle it.

Breakfast buffet:

One egg over easy, 2 strips of bacon, 2 thin slices of grapefruit and 1 piece of steamed broccoli. The amount was just right. I didn't over do it and was very satisfied.


Dolittle's Vacation


Lunch buffet:

1 hamburger patty with a little cheese and lots of ketchup (I like ketchup), 2 small BBQ ribs and some kind of mystery meat. I ate half of the burger patty, ate some of the ribs and mystery meat and was full.

A hour after lunch, and I'm not going to lie, I snuck in a very small soft serve ice cream cone.


Dolittle's Vacation


Dinner at a restaurant:

I had a couple bites of a small appetizer (not pictured). Then for the main course, I had several pieces of meat and ate several bites of the tomato and potatoes, I left the rice.

I still had room left to sample a little 2 inch diameter piece of cheese cake.

After dinner, I socialized with our group and had a Tequila Sunrise drink. I didn't feel I over ate, But I felt full all day.

I have issues with getting in my daily requirements of protein, so you'll notice I concentrated on the protein.

Going to a buffet or going on vacation isn't a major challenge to the lap-band or sleeve lifestyle. I know a lot of it looks tasty, but just take a bite or two and before you know it, your full.

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