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  1. awesome job graduating from nursing school. Good luck with OB nursing. It is a great field!

  2. I can't get below 200, help!!!

    Howdy girls Just wanted to let everyone know that my new exercise routine is working. 198 today yipee still moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely but that's ok. Hope everyone else is doing well. Have a great Monday.
  3. I can't get below 200, help!!!

    Ok girls I have been 199 for four days now so I finally feel like I can post that wieght. YIPEE!!!
  4. Before Pictures

    Pictures of me at my heaviest.
  5. IMG_0342.JPG

    From the album Before Pictures

  6. IMG_0340.JPG

    From the album Before Pictures

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    From the album Before Pictures

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    From the album Before Pictures

  9. bathingsuit007.jpg

    You sure looked less then 205 in this picture. How tall are you?
  10. I can't get below 200, help!!!

    Thanks so much I do tend to forget that losing and keeping 21 pounds off is an accomplishment it just seems like am bad cause I can't get past that point. I need to stop punishing myself and be proud of what I have done so far and keep focused on continued wieght loss.
  11. I can't get below 200, help!!!

    That sounds good I am also gonna try my best to drink mostly water instead of mostly other things like pop. I am also trying the increase in protien and I just started the Slimin6 exercise program today. Good luck girls, we can do it.
  12. I can't get below 200, help!!!

    Thanks so much for everyones replies. I really appreciate it.
  13. I seem to be at the weight that my body prefers. I was this weight after my first child and my second. I can manage to get to 199 or even 198 but then the next day or so I am back at 200 or 201. I know that I have to drink more water and to exercise. I got another fill a couple months ago thinking might jump start me but no such luck. I have started exercising but I don't how often I should be to see weight lose. If I don't get enough protien could that be a problem. I have not been drinking protien shakes lately. Any other tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  14. How do I take Capsule supplements?

    I have been having the same questions about pills. I have actually been fearful of taking pills for this reason. Now I know that I can take them but slower then usual just like with eating. Thanks some much Jazzy for your knowledge and advise.
  15. Back on Track!!

    That's great I love hearing about your progress. It makes me feel like it really is possible to lose all the weight I have put on over the years. You look great in your bikini already, way to go.