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  1. Thanks Lindsay... I did speak with Dr. So today and he said that most likely what's happening is the doctor is hitting blood vessels while accessing my port. I was happy to hear that he didn't feel it was really much more than that. Thanks for your reply..
  2. Hi... has anybody had any experience with blood being withdrawn?? My dr. did an unfill and the liquid was bloody?? Thanks.
  3. Anyone know of anyone who does Lapband fills in Vegas?? Thanks!
  4. Hi All.. I have a couple of questions for all of you: 1. When you have a fill, does the doctor/nurse withdraw what was in there, and tell you? (Say last time you had a fill, and was told you had 2.5 cc in your band. They give you .5 cc so know you should have 3 cc. This time they give you another fill, but they tell you, you only have 2 cc in your band?) Some don't withdraw at all, they just fill. 2. Has anybody ever had a fill where some blood has come back in the syringe? (I recently had my port replaced, and on the first fill (not at OCC) the dr. withdrew some blood. Called Dr. Martinez and he said it was totally fine, probably just some blood from the replacement. I've now had 3 fills since then, and there was still some blood in the syringe today.) Looking forward to reading your responses! Thanks..
  5. Thanks Lisa for all your thoughts and your support. I will do exactly that. I want to find out though what they were thinking by only giving me such a little fill. I could understand if they could see what the liquid was like going through my band, but they didn't test it after they fixed my port.
  6. Well I'm back from a quick trip to the OCC. Met with Dr. So who took a look under floroscopy and could see the leak. They replaced the port however could only fill with .60cc .. I think I had .60 in there when we started, but not sure if they took that out or not before replacing my port. I was a little still out of it when I left there, and couldn't remember what we talked about after my surgery was finished. I called OCC today and spoke with Dr. Acosta. Unfortunately he was not familiar with my situation, but stated it said in the file, that my band area was enlarged, so therefore they couldn't fill me anymore. Now when Dr. So met with me,, he said my band, esophagas, and everything looked great. He should be able give me approx. 2.00cc so I would have an agressive fill, and would be able to get back on track. Sooooo... I'm still not sure what's going on. I know I can't afford to go down in another 6 weeks, nor can I afford to go to Northwest fills, and pay $250-$300 for a fill with Floro. Still not completely happy and satisfied, but will now more on Monday I hope..
  7. Glad to see this bumped.. I did submit the cost of the surgery, and have yet to be audited by Can Rev., but I'm sure it's coming!
  8. Wow... I can't believe it either. Too bad we didn't talk sooner Cheryl. Did I ever back back to you on the "Allegiant Air" flights that I take out of Bellingham? If I didn't I apologize. I will keep you informed, absolutely. I will post on here when I get back. Thanks for your support..
  9. You are one hot sexy chick!!! Kim... you are amazing! Congratulations on reaching your goal. Great job!! Anita
  10. I'm coming down and arriving at San Diego Airport around 5:30 on Thurs., Dec 3rd.. and having fill, floro, and maybe port replacement if they find my port is leaking. I am flying home around 6:00 on Friday Dec 4th. Not sure if i'm going to stay at Lucerna.. see there are some other hotels in the area as well, for a little cheaper (but still getting good reviews on Trip Advisor. Anybody else going to be there on the Thurs., Dec 3rd in the evening? Anita
  11. Hi Babe.. I totally agree with Carrie. Reduce your daily calorie intake to 800 cal. With eating the right foods, and the proper foods, with restriction, it shouldn't be too difficult. It will shock your system, and this is what it needs, to give your metabolism a boost. Even if you have to go on the " 2 shakes, and one meal per day ".. you could try that. Another way is to follow the 5 day pouch.. here's alink to it. http://5daypouchtest.com/plan/theplan.html this will help you get back on track, as well as will give you a fairly good weight loss in the 5 days. Good Luck ( :
  12. :-h Hi Michelle... I just asked Evette how you were doing!! You have inspired me (once again) to come back and post. You are such an inspiration. With all that you have been through, you look fantastic!!! Congratulations!!! HI.. to all my old friends, and new bandsters!! I'm from the Vancouver, BC area. I must confess as well.... was on here regularly from before banding, and then about 6 mos after, and haven't posted on here for ages. Since the end of September, I have been able to eat alot and with myself being affected by the change in seasons, this is a very difficult time for me. I have to also admit that during the summer, I tend to drink more alchol, and just more often, so I know that has definitely had an affect on my weight loss. I am now down only 36 lbs. I'm having problems with my port.. here's my deal: Since Surgery.. May 2008 I got all my fills at NorthWest Fills in WA. They did not have Floro. The last fill I had from them, I think was maybe in the first few months of 2009. At that point, they had so much trouble getting the needle in my port for a fill, they told me they would try once more, and if it didn't work.. they couldn't do anything. Thank god they got it in. From what I understood, I was getting my band filled to approx. 3.6 cc.. give or take. They told me that was all they could put in. I was done. When I asked what I was supposed to do, they said.. well... there's not much you can do. I was very upset and disappointed. In August/September, I called OCC, and spoke to someone there, and they told me to go to Dr. Manchanda in Surrey. He would be able to help me. I went to him, and what a wonderful man. My port was definitely tilted, but he got the needle in the 2nd try. He told me that he will withdraw the fluid that I have in there, before he put anymore in. (NorthWest Fills never measured what was in there, before adding any). What I had in my band was 2.5 cc. Aha... no wonder I could eat more, and was struggling just to maintain my weight loss. Why was it so low.. I have no idea. Was it ever at 3.6??? I will never know. Anyways.. he added .35, and off I went. The restriction was great, but didn't last for too long. 2 weeks ago I went back for another fill, and he couldn't get the needle in the port, as my port was so tilted. He tried many, many, times. He told me to come back a week later.. (give my stomach a rest from the poking) and we would try again. In the meantime, I called OCC again, and spoke to Dr. Ortiz. He said I needed to go there, get the fill under Floro, so they could see what was going on. I decided to give Dr. Manchanda one more try, and if he couldn't fill it, he was going to give me my $100 back (that's what he charges for a fill). Well, voila, he got the needle in 2nd try! Says my port is actually facing the outside of my body. Totally tilted. BUT.. FOR THE SHOCKING NEWS... I had only .30 in my band. Okay... no wonder I've been able to eat so much, and not feeling any restriction. Dr. Manchanda was shocked, and felt really bad for me. I went back to the office and called and spoke to Dr. So. He said there is a good chance that my port is damaged.. possibly from the needles, and not getting it done under Floro (which Dr. Manchanda said is radiation and is not good to do too much). I am now just waiting for Allegiant Air to lower their prices so I can afford to go to Tijuana. Right now I'm looking at Dec 3rd. I am worried about the cost to replace the port. Dr. So told me that Rene would tell me the price, but then I told him that when I spoke to Dr. Ortiz, I asked him if I would have to pay anything, he said no.. you paid for the surgery, why would we charge you to repair or replace the port? I have not spoken to Rene.. am going to call him when I know my flight schedule.. Sorry for such a long post all... just wanted to update all, and possibly hope to get some feedback from a few of you long time bandsters.. Lisa L... Dave... Stormy... Paula ... Hope you're all doing well...
  13. Good Luck Karen! Can't wait to see the new sexy you!! (Hi to all... )
  14. Hi Everybody... thanks for your posts and advice. I did pretty good at the party. Completed stayed away from all the appies/snacks and waited for dinner. Dinner on my plate consisted of .. one meatball.. a spoon of artichoke dip and one piece of raw cauliflower... and one tiny piece of ham. I couldn't finish it all. I actually felt weird sitting down with just this on my plate, when everybody else's plate was filled with salads, buns, ham, potatoes, veggies/dip. Plus they all had small plates with the appetizer's on them. I'm so happy I couldn't eat that!! I probably would have gained 3 lbs in the one sitting. Oh.. and did manage to eat a few jello shooters as well. I mean, I brought them, how could I not eat them! I passed on dessert, pumpkin pie/ice cream and nanaimo bars.. yum yum. But my band loved me for it!! It's been really nice to me today as well. Slow and easy will do it! I'm happy to know that this sounds normal after a 3rd fill, and that not really being able to eat anything solid until the afternoon seems to happening to some of you as well.
  15. Thanks Cathy and Kara... I did have some tea before the soup as ever morning I have to have tea before I can even drink water to take a pill to open up my band. You're right Cathy.. if I can get some stuff down and keep it down especially liquids I should be okay. I will take a warm back if I don't get home too late, or will take one in the morning. I'm sure it's just going to take a bit of time.
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