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  1. I was banded by Dr. Ortiz back in 2007, I’m now considering a sleeve. Is the band usually removed During sleeve surgery? I will contact OCC directly to inquire about cost.
  2. My 19 year old is scheduled for a sleeve procedure this December. I’m looking for vegetarian protein ideas for after surgery-when she can eat regular foods. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She is a college student but lives off campus, has full access to a kitchen.
  3. Sassy sleever, did you not care for the protein powder? I’m looking into ordering from them for the 1st time, kinda concerned that there are no product reviews on their website.
  4. I was banded 6/25/07 by Dr. Ortiz. Recently I noticed my port was hard, it feels like a rock under my skin. I have no pain associated with my port. I am about 15 pounds from my goal weight. I have not had a fill since 2012. This seems to have happened in the past 2 months. Anyone else have a similar issue?
  5. What did the bill you received from OCC look like? Rene emailed me a surgical receipt. I would think the ins co. would want an actual bill with procedure and diagnosis codes before they will process. I was banded 6/25 by Dr. Ortiz, I got my first fill there on 8/15. 2.3 cc's
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