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  1. I had my first baby 3 months ago and I never got an unfill and things were totally fine. The OCC recommends you remove your fill while trying to conceive because if you have morning sickness really badly you may have issues with the band and vomiting, but if I had removed my fill while trying to conceive, I never would have had a band at all because we were trying for years and it just took enough weight loss to get my body to ovulate again. Luckily, I had zero issues with morning sickness and only gained about 15 lbs the entire pregnancy. I am now about 10 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy and am fully breast feeding and have had zero problems with milk supply. I think it all depends on your body and your fill level. Good luck and congratulations!
  2. Hello! I think we have the exact same goal - just to get down to under 200!!! Hopefully, after this baby gets here, I'll be better able to really USE my band and get there. I'm so excited for you to be banded!! I really believe you will do great!

  3. I actually am down about 10 lbs from where I was before I got pregnant, so I have had a great experience with it so far! I hope I can continue to lose after the baby (and I'm sure I will - that's the beauty of the band!) because I still have a good little ways to go.
  4. I know that, several months back when I first realized I was pregnant, I had a really hard time finding information out there on pregnancy after being banded. Since I'm now someone in the middle of the exact situation I had questions about, I just thoguht I'd post a little information on myself and how the pregnancy has gone so far and how the band has/hasn't affected me: Just as basic background information, I was banded in May of 2008 and had lost about 85 - 90 lbs when I became pregnant in March of 2010. My husband (of 9 years) and I had been trying to get pregnant for many, many years (in fact, my lack of ovulation was a main motivating factor in being banded in the first place!) and were thrilled/surprised/amazed to find out we were expecting. I was on no medications (fertility or otherwise) and had simply gotten to a place where my body was at a healthy enough weight for my height to begin to ovulate and generally act right on its own. I am happy to report that I have had basically zero band-related issues so far in the pregnancy. I am now 23 weeks along with a due date of December 1st and, typical tiredness and pregnancy hormones aside, and we are having a boy (no name picked out yet) who seems to be strong and healthy in every way. I did not have any fill removed from my band and, as I have had no morning sickness (lucky, I know!!) that has not been an issue at all. Also, I have had no pain or issues from my port site and my tummy expanding and I have actually continued to lose some weight during the pregnancy - which my doctor is not at all concerned with. I just wanted to share my positive experience(s) and will try to remember to update my OCC friends as things progress.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and the advice. It's really hard to find information about being pregnant AND banded, so I appreciate you guys! CindyLou - we'll have to stay in touch since we're both going through this at the same time! Best wishes,
  6. That is good info, Canadian. Thank you! Anyone else out there have a pregnancy experience after being banded?
  7. Greetings fellow bandsters! After several years of being overweight and trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, my husband and I decided a few years back that it was time for a drastic measure - Lap-Band surgery at the OCC! It was a wonderful experience and now, a couple years and nearly 100lbs later, I am thrilled to announce that I am just over 6 weeks pregnant! I do have several questions out there that I would specifically like to have women (or the men in their lives!) answer about pregnancy after the band: 1. Did you get an un-fill? If so, was it a total un-fill or just partial? At what point did you refill the band? 2. Did you feel that your band in any way hindered you ability to eat enough foods or to breastfeed, to push during labor, etc. (especially if you did NOT have all your fill removed) 3. Did you port give you problems as your belly got bigger with the baby? Did it become something that was visable or uncomfortable as more of your insides were filled up with the baby? 4. Were you able to find an OBGYN who had experience with an expecting mother who had had the band or did you feel you had to do the educating of your doctor(s)? That's all I can think of for now. I appreciate any/all responses!! Many thanks, Amber
  8. I'm a year out and still cannot do this. It's all worth it, though!
  9. One of the deciding factors for me in getting banded was finding out that I was "pre-diabetic" which is to say that my sugar levels were in that dangerous zone that, if I had continued the way I was going, would have resulted in Type II Diabetes. I am happy to say that about 2 weeks ago I had a whole new work-up done and my lab results came back that my blood suger levels are in the completely normal range. I chalk it ALL up to the band and the weight that I have lost and the changes I have made in lifestyle due to it. Please pass this on to your co-worker and tell her that I have personally experienced the difference and that it's achievable for her as well!
  10. Waaaaay better to be safe than sorry. I go with the liquids.
  11. This forum is actually the forum for the band patients of the OCC - Obesity Control Center. Most of us have been banded there by Dr. Ortiz. That is not at all to say that it is exclusively for OCC patients, because it is certainly not, but that is the host of this forum. Amber
  12. I had a very similar experience with my husband also, but now - 1 year and almost 70 lbs later - we are both very glad I had the procedure. I had the flu this fall and vomited several times and am fine. The band is stitched to the stomach and then scar tissue forms to further hold it in place, so it's actually quite hard to move unless you have repeated episodes of overeating and getting stuck (and I do mean repeated!) and I've heard of someone being super sick for a long time and vomiting a ton and it slipping, but it's quite rare. Invite your husband to get on this website and even create his own account so he can read everyone's questions and answers and even ask his own!! Best to you, Amber
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