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  1. stormy

    Stormys Journey

    My journey from fat to thin, with support from my friends
  2. I got my band a long time ago and I haven't been on this site for a long time I've been using my band but the problem is I think I'm due for a full. here's the issue even though I'm holding my weight steady if I get another fill I won't be able to get the phlegm down. I end up throwing up. When I got my band I was 275 I think but I'm still 201 and I'm frustrated. I don't over eat but some times I don't eat at all. That's not good. I think I may have her put just a little bit in but the phelm is very thick. Does anyone take something for phelm to get it down. My goal is 170 I'm so close any advise would help thanks.
  3. I went in today and had 1.4 CC's taken out of the band she said my stomach is very inflamed but everything else looks good no slip she suggest I take 30 days to let my stomach rest and then put the fluid back in she thinks its because I had the flu
  4. I have Dr appt today they will do xray I hope it shows its OK since I can't afford to go to mexico.
  5. how do you tell the difference between being sick with the flu or possible lap band slip. I have been sick now about a week body aches phlem. It is so thick I throw up. Now that have acid reflux. would i feel icky if the lap band has slipped or do I need to have some fluid taken out until this passes any ideas would be appreciated
  6. Hey guys, I have been gone a while but I am back.. I have done very well with my band. Got under my first goal and headed to my finish line but here is what happened. I was snowmobiling yesterday and was thrown from machine. My port is sore..my whole body is sore but I don't feel tight anymore. Could I have broke the band? How long should I wait to check on it? They did ct but didn't say anything but maybe they wouldn't since I didn't get it here. I thought if I don't feel tight tomorrow morning that I will call the clinic in washington but I am so broke if they don't take care credit I am in big trouble,, has anyone had accident before? Was your band ok? How do you know if it is broke? Would I feel sick? This is what I get for being active again. Ug. Please any advise would help.
  7. Almost to first goal

  8. I think I need a slight unfill. The person I go to is not in town for the next two weeks. I can get some liquid down but it takes a long time. I think when I got something stuck it has caused me to be inflamed. I am not sure what to do. Is there anyone in Portland that can do this? I called the dr, she is in Eugene, she has not called me back yet. I wish this was something we could just do ourselves this is frustrating. Any ideas?
  9. So hubby and I went for our two year evaluations. It turned out well. No problems with band. Pouch looks great but this is my question. They only found 1.6 in my band. That is the amount that I started with. They feel since I have been doing fills here in town, there should be more in there. I have been tracking on here and according to my notes, I should have 2.9 in my band. Maybe the unfills she did, she wrote down wrong. They gave me a small fill of 0.4 so now a total of 2.0 in band. Should I request her notes? I finally have restriction and feel like maybe this is why I have not been losing any weight in the last 6 months. I would hate to think that I have been paying for fills and got to much taken out at one time and that I was not benefiting from the band because of not being restricted enough. The good thing is the band looks great and both hubby and I have no issues. His band they did not do a fill and told him that he is at good restriction. He has a total of 6.cc in a 10 cc band. He is concerned because he has gained about 3 pounds. They talked to him about his eating habits. I think things will get better now. I am relieved that the bands look great. Once I get my paperwork together, they even did photos, I may send it down to OCC. Thank everyone for hanging in with us. The journey continues...
  10. Yes I am in Oregon and get my fills here since I can not afford to go to TJ. I got a questionaire that said it is good idea to get 2 year check up. So I scheduled for 10/15/10 in Olympia Washington, they are going to check everything out for me. I hope things looks well.
  11. Hubby and I are still here. We got our bands two years ago and now it is time to get them checked out, at least per the email I got. Cant come down to TJ so I am going to Olympia Washington and I will have to pay about $370 to get it checked. So total $740. I wish we had the time to just get on a plane to go down there, I would be more comfortable but this place seems ok. Pretty much the thing, I need to work on is chewing better. I get in a hurry and forget and then POW! Ouch. I have not gained or lost lately so it is time for fill. Hubby says he gained 8 pounds in last 3 months and he knows it is time for fill because he is able to eat more than what he should and he says he is having some issues keeping his medication level. I think that is what made him gain. He went to the dr and I think they have that worked out. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know I am still here. I am also on facebook, if you give you a email message with your names or facebook page, I would love to add you for support, Thanks take care.. Stormy aka Kim
  12. The economy has hit us and hubby is now getting less hours and I am getting furlows. It has been a long time since our fills, I know we are due. My scale says I have not gained but I feel fat!! Should I say it again F. A. T. Fat. My belly feels like it is now hanging. I am embarrassed. I dont know if my body is just changing or what is going on but if I have not gained then why do I feel this way? I need a fill. The fills for me cost $170.00. We are behind on our bills. Not really behind, they are just due. Everything got paid last month and I was thankful but no money for fill. Hubby and I both need one and it is not fair for one of us to get one and the other not. I am not sure what to do. My friend did weight watchers and he came over to me the other day and let me know that he has lost 75 pounds. He looks great. Here I am, I spent all this money and I have lost 45 pounds. In Sept it will have been two years. Have I failed? I can't even afford to go back to my pole dancing class and that is what was really taking the weight off, along with my fills. Does anyone have any advise? What do you do to get the money for your fills? Should I just not pay my credit cards and just go get it done and not worry about my credit? There has got to be an answer somewhere..
  13. Has anyone read this book or started using the ideas that are listed in there? I started reading it and from what she is saying she uses the ideas of filling up on fruits and vegies during the day. 10 + 10, 10 vegies, 10 fruits. I like the idea but I am very tight in the morning and have had problems getting any kind of fruit in there. Maybe I should try some type of smoothie. Anyway, just wondering if anyone is using this approach to move the weight loss along?
  14. Where in Mexico do they do that, that is a good price. I would love to get my stomach done.
  15. How many people on here have had a pregnany with their band? What is the risk factors? I am 42, my time is running out. I almost wonder if it is too late for me, but if I consider having another child, what is the risks that I would be facing? I know there are other risks like down syndrome and things like that but during a pregnany what happens to the band?
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