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  1. If you take 100 of reg wellbutrin 3x/day, it is the same as 300 xl If you take 150 mg of wellbutrin SR, twice a day, it is the same as 300 xl You can cut the regular if you have to, but it also comes in 75 mg which may be a smaller pill. Might have to take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm but maybe able to get them down easier. It is a pain in the ass to take any pill more than once a day but that is what patients did before the xl came out. If the doctor that had no advice is not a psychiatrist but rather your PCP, go to a psychiatrist because he would have known this!!!
  2. I am a psych Nurse Practitioner. ZOLOFT is NOT weight dependent. Stupid to decrease the dose because you are losing weight. If you feel okay the dose is okay. Why stir the pot. Afterall, your brain didn't lose weight. Just dumb.
  3. cfuture88

    Port Replacement

    You've los 50 lbs in the last year- you were doing something right. Let us know how it is after you have the port replaced- and who's to say that the tubing isn't what is leaking- or the band itself. What is involved in a port study?? How do they test the tubing or band??? Let me know. Ellen
  4. cfuture88

    Just Overall Wierdness

    The dry mouth is the ketosis and yes, bad breath does come along with it. People often move out of my way. The thing is, DRY MOUTH IS DANGEROUS FOR YOUR TEETH. You do need to sip water often. Using Oasis toothpaste and other dry mouth products is important and help keep your mouth moist. Saliva washes bacteria away from the teeth and when you use mints, etc. you increase your risks for cavities as the saliva isn't there. You are also at risk for periodontal disease. Good oral hygiene is imperative. If you feel your teeth are moving, get to your dentist right away. Symptoms may include the following: occasional redness or bleeding of gums while brushing teeth, using dental floss or biting into hard food (e.g. apples) gum swellings that recurs halitosis, or bad breath, and a persistent metallic taste in the mouth gingival recession, resulting in apparent lengthening of teeth. deep pockets between the teeth and the gums loose teeth, in the later stages Patients should realize that the gingival inflammation and bone destruction are largely painless. Hence, people may wrongly assume that painless bleeding after teeth cleaning is insignificant, although this may be a symptom of progressing periodontitis in that patient. Copy and past this address into your browser for more information: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/oasis/24842/
  5. No. What was it? Still got the address? Message me with the link. Ellen
  6. cfuture88

    Suggestions of what to take to TJ for surgery

    (13. Something I have found recently that I wished I would have had for the liquid phase (first 7 days also)) are what are called "Protein bullets". There are numerous websites that sell them. Also GNC stores or website I think has them. Google liquid protein or the ones I like the best are on bariatriceating.com. I got some others called "Profect" I think and they were basically the same thing. They are a 3.1 oz premixed liquid drink in a tube like container that has 42 grams of protein in the 3.1 oz. These ones are called New-Whey liquid protein. No sugar or fat. I have tried all flavors and like the fruit punch the best. Now it is sort of a thick almost like gelatin before it get's really thick and does have sort of a weird taste. I put it on ice or make sure it is ice cold. It's such a little amount I drink 1/2 of it at a time for 21 grams of protein. It's like 2 meals worth and gives you the protein you so desperatly need in that first 3 weeks so that you don't lose muscle instead of fat. they are about $$30.00 for 12 plus shipping. Again not the greatest to drink but tolerable especially for the health benefits they give you with the whey protein. Check them out.) You should not drink protein bullets straight. That much protein in no liquid is stressful to your kidneys. The 3 oz should be diluted in a water bottle with water. It will look and taste like "vitamin water." You should sip this throughout the day. 1-2 bullets a day for the first week is almost imperative. The reason most people feel tired and crummy after the surgery is dehydration and not enough protein. You need lots of protein to heal after any surgery. Also, if you bring your preop paperwork or print out from the OCC you can get these through the security checks. I took 4 with me to mexico. The security guys were curious (3.1 oz), and one guy opened one and tested it with litmus paper but after I showed them the paperwork they let me through. On the way home, I took an empty water bottle and a bullet through security and then filled up the water bottle, poured the bullet into it and took it on the plane. It really helped me feel better faster.
  7. cfuture88

    "Healthy" Creamy Soups

    I use fat free half and half for cream soups or penne ala vodka, etc.
  8. cfuture88

    Oven baked fried chicken

    Oven fried chicken- preheat oven 375 Chix thighs, skinned 1 cup milk 1/4 cup yellow mustard Mix together 3 cups seasoned bread crumbs or panko with parsely flakes, pepper, oregano. 2/3 cup parmesean cheese= mix with bread crumbs. Spray pam liberally on shallow baking pan. (want to be able to drain it. Cookie sheet with sides works well. Dip thighs in milk mix, dip in bread crumbs. Place on baking sheet with room between the pieces. If you don't spread them out they will give off too much water and will steam rather than "fry". Spray pan on the top of all the pieces. 375 oven40, bake 30 minutes and drain off liquid. Return to oven and bake 30 minutes more. Do not turn chicken as staying on one side is what makes the bottom nice and crispy BON Apetite. Ellen
  9. cfuture88

    a great dentist

    I saw Dr. Sergio for a quote on veneers. 1200/tooth in the USA, 500 at the OCC, 360 at Dr. Sergio. His office wasn't as fancy but he really spoke of esthetics in making vaneers. He called me in Connecticut and spoke to me at home for about 30 minutes, answered all of my questions. Then I went to his office when I was getting my first fill. He gave me a written quote with exactly what he was going to do and how much it would cost. I later decided not to have vaneers (I am going for braces), but I was impressed. Marisol, the dentist at the OCC is young and does not speak english as well, although I like her a great deal. I like my dentist with a little more experience. and I don't like that she works for Dr. Ortiz rather than being on her own. Anyway, wanted you to know that I met Dr. Sergio also.
  10. Thank you for all of the replys. I know I watch for your posts and so appreciate getting to know all of you. I do not know what women/men do who do this by themselves. Ortiz does 9/day now (per dr acosta) so where are all of those 45/week, >2250/yr. people. You know a lot of them are doing it by themselves.
  11. I am having trouble eating enough protein (I cannot get down scrambled eggs, or meat easily), one of the reasons I am adding it to my water. I will keep trying- figure the band will loosen up as I lose wt.
  12. like Dr. Ortiz said," Someday, archeologist will only find bones and bands".
  13. Ibuprophen is fine but you must make sure it goes down. A better idea is go to the store and get Alieve. It is either naprosin or anaprox. Both are smaller pills and Alieve lasts 12 hours instead of 6. Motrin/ibuprophen should not sit in your esophagus and melt, it is corrosive. So smaller pills would be infinitely better. Also get a heating pad and take a hot shower to your abdomen.
  14. cfuture88

    First real episode of PB'ing...

    Hi, have thought of you often, and love your new picture. Yes, had my 2nd fill and same thing- my sis had a GB in November, goes to a support group with a lot of bandsters and they all said that the 3rd fill is the charm. SOME CHARM, HUH???? Good luck, just another lesson to learn.