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    love the outdoors, camping, kayaking, etc<br />love the food network, and trying new recipes<br />love travelling, and meeting new people!
  1. I have been missing you banddaughter!!!!!

  2. I'm sooo proud of you Heidi -- I'm hoping I'll be at that point soon too! 19_ sounds great right now Let's see that pic!! ((HUGE HUG))
  3. Kevin -- great link.. I've read that article before, and it does make sense to be honest. Unfortunately, I have a friend who had gastric bypass surgery, who weighed 300lbs, after surgery she's down to about 170ish... but she's still the same shape as she was at 300. Just a smaller version of it. She refuses to exercise, and gets frustrated why her body isn't "toning" up as she loses weight. You need to build muscle to work on that form. Thanks again for the link!
  4. I love the outfit on you soooo much! congrats again, you definitely deserve it
  5. **laugh -- I know what you mean Kim... Or like after you think you did pretty good... it tells you you're a couch potato, and you get 0 points. maybe that's just me! My favs are the balance ones, aerobics too - Do you guys use the male or female trainer?
  6. Wow... a size 8!... I can only imagine. Congrats Michelle!!! **daydreaming..............
  7. I'm so happy everything worked out well for you! Oh -- and there should be more people in the world like you! (( HUG )) You're wonderful!
  8. V = Victory is yours as the pounds fall away from you... or ... Vision a healthier you
  9. Thanks guys! Is the recipes for life .... written by the "Body for life" guy? I'm going to check that one out now. Anyone else wanna share?
  10. I have a puppy named Roscoe (Hmmm.. I guess he's not a puppy anymore, but he'll always be my baby) A step-cat named Griffen http://www.lapbandforum.com/uploads/121769...6_65_593419.jpg and only 2 cows and 2 donkeys right now. The cows are named Sandy and Newbie. The donkeys are timber and Carson. http://www.lapbandforum.com/uploads/121769...6_65_480847.jpg Oh... and one boyfriend he he
  11. oh jeez... Q.... Quiz yourself on how much you're really eating if you're not losing weight. Keep track of calories eaten each day if necessary. www.fitday.com offers an online free tool to use.
  12. pb-ing, stands for Productive Burping as lovely as it is. "A commonly reported occurrence for banded patients is regurgitation of non-acidic swallowed food from the upper pouch, commonly known as Productive Burping (PBing).[citation needed] Productive Burping is not to be considered normal. The patient should consider eating less, eating more slowly, or chewing their food more thoroughly. Occasionally, the narrow passage into the larger / lower part of the stomach may become blocked by a large portion of unchewed or unsuitable foodstuff" -- good ol wikipedia...
  13. no one yet? **smiling.. Come on! I'm sure WillT has some secrets he feels like sharing
  14. Hi -- I was curious if anyone had some favorite recipe books featuring healthy recipes or any websites you guys usually use.. For myself, I'm a huge fan of the clean eating cookbook by tosca reno (oxygen mag) oh -- and Cooking Light. I have the book of all the recipes they usually have in their magazine. It comes out in a yearly edition. for websites - I love using http://www.allrecipes.com - because you can type in the ingredients you want to use, and can find recipes from there. Of course, you can then make the healthy substitutions and cross your fingers it still tastes good Also - I love watching the food network, so of course I love their website for recipes. http://www.foodnetwork.com Lastly, I usually browse http://www.epicurious.com They have tons of "different" stuff I get to move to solid foods in 2 days, so I figured I'd start looking up healthy recipes. ps. How does brown rice work with the band? I'm hoping grains are easily broken up. thanks for sharing your suggestions
  15. Yeah -- I ended up paying $120 for the wii fit though ebay, even though normally in the stores it's $89.99. Oh well, I figure the extra $30, includes free shipping - and stops me from obsessing over trying to find it in the stores I'll keep you posted when it comes in, how great it is
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