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    The Biggest Loser

    They usually repeat it on Bravo. Not sure of the dates/times.
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    Looking for BrookeyBrook

    I am so bad at navigating this site! I know it's super easy, but it takes me a while to catch on! Glad you found me!
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    Post OpDiet Questions

    Thank you so much for your help!!
  4. I am being banded by Dr. Ortiz this upcoming Thursday. What exactly are the clear liquids you are allowed the first week post op? My husband is leaving for Green Bay the same day I return from OCC. Hubby born & raised in Wisconsin has never been to a game at Lambeau received a call last night that our brother in law has awesome tickets for the GB/Cowboys game. I am FORCING him to go. He feels guilty since I am just returning from surgery. Long story made even longer, I need to stock all of the items I need prior to surgery.
  5. After years of thinking about the lap band and speaking with other patients of Dr. Ortiz, I have finally decided that the lap band was the right decision for me. My husband received a nice bonus from work and we decided it was now or never. I am going to be banded on September 18th. The decision was made on August 29th. Here is my question...I am completely in a panic about losing the 5% body weight in the next two weeks. So far I have lost only 2 lbs since starting the pre-op diet. I still have 12 more pounds to go. Weight does not come off quickly for me no matter how hard I try. Has anyone else been in this situation prior to surgery? Did they postpone?