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  1. MrsParris

    Seeing The Light

    Shelby, you look fantastic and you have done so well. You are truly an inspiration!
  2. Wow, what an achievement! I am currently at 164 myself, but at 5ft.3in. it still isn't pretty. You look great! This is the second time I have lost a large amount of weight. That added to 2 pregnancies, and a c-section has left my mid-section in sad condition.
  3. MrsParris

    Does the misery stop?

    For me, if something gets stuck and I know it just isn't going to go down, I have plenty of warning. I don't vomit immediately. I have time to excuse myself to the restroom. I have never gotten stuck, then instantaneously vomitted. I was once in a situation where I had to wait about 20 mins. before I could throw up. You'll be fine. Good luck.
  4. Carrie, Don't get down on yourself. I stayed in the 170's for 8-9 months. It sucked! I got discouraged but I never gave up. I tried everything I could think of to break out of plateau, but nothing worked. I bought a pair of Skecher's Shape up shoes. They were so comfortable that they motivated me to walk more often. They don't seem to have done much for my backside, but my legs are now super-toned. But, I still wasn't losing. I cut my calories down to around 800 per day. It was tough, but I was desperate. I am not really recommending it, but that is all that worked for me. The scales started moving again. It is still really slow, like only 1/2 lb. per week or so. I am trying to stay around 1000 calories per day now, but some days I still only do 800. Hope the personal trainer works out for you.
  5. Shelby, That is amazing. I will never see a size 6. When I weighed 143, I was in a size 10. You are doing fantastic. The way I see it, to maintain instead of gain is an accomplishment.
  6. Nothing wrong with snacking, just make sure they are healthy, and you don't exceed your daily calorie allotment. Hot air popped popcorn is my favorite night-time snack. I spray Parkay fat free, low cal spray butter on it, but skip the salt. It is delicious, low-calorie, & high in fiber. I also eat a protein bar as a snack sometimes. I feel like I am eating a candy bar. Special K protein bars are very good.
  7. Congratulations on your 1 yr. bandiversary hubby dear!!!!! You need to post a new picture. You look angry in your boat photo. Currently I am at 167 lbs. and I easily fit into a size 12, but can squeeze myself into a 10.
  8. MrsParris


    Congratulations!!! It gets easier. Small portions and excessive chewing are second nature to me now. My views on food have changed and it has lost some of its importance. I still have cravings, but not obsessions. I don't worry about my next meal anymore. Good luck and stay focused.
  9. You know what is right for you. I got tired of gaining and losing, the whole vicious cycle. The band is a great tool. The head hunger is much harder to work with. I still struggle. Good luck.
  10. MrsParris

    I am.......

    Congratulations!!!!!!! My first baby was C-section, but the second was vaginal. Unless there is a medical reason why you have to have a c-section, you might get lucky and deliver vaginally like I did. I was mobile almost immediately and in way less pain the 2nd time than with the section. Good luck.
  11. Ohmigosh! You're Tinkerbell in the second photo! Great job you look great!

  12. MrsParris

    Happy Bandiversay to me!

    Congratulations! Post some photos please!!!!!! I love before and afters.
  13. I have been wondering the same thing. I have been stuck in the 170's for 8 months. I love the restriction that I have and I am scared of being too loose again. If I knew getting some out would start my weight loss back up I would give it a try.
  14. MrsParris


    Congratulations! I don't post on here often, but I visit a lot. You both have done so well.
  15. MrsParris

    Bandster Hell...

    I suggest chewing sugarless gum. It is helping me with the sweet cravings and it gives my jaws a workout. I even read somewhere that it burns a few calories.