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  1. [How much does the fill cost when you have the fill and transportation only? (minus the hotel) Thanks
  2. [ 1. Name: Anle 2. Location:Missouri 3. Age:45 4. Band Date:December 22, 2008 5. Married: Yes 6. Children of the human or furry kind: 2 boys 22 yrs and 17 yrs - 2 dogs and 1 cat 7. Hobby(ies): hanging out with my friends at the river 8. Work: Educator 9. What was the deciding factor(s) on getting banded: health issues - unable to lose weight even with moderate exercise 10. Interesting factoid: Just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary
  3. Does anyone know what the cost of getting the fill and the transportation is? (minus the hotel stay) Thanks
  4. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I feel better about a follow up fill trip planned for February now. (And my lack of typing skills are not a problem for forum members. ha)
  5. Before our recent trip for lap band surgery, there were several news reports about drug lords war going on in Tijuana. People beheaded etc Can anyone give me information on the area that the Lucerna hotel is in? Is it a safer area of Tijuana? We did not see any trouble in December, but did see Miliatary with guns while we were in a taxi returning to hotel.
  6. Mansaw We, the Missouri girls, are hoping to be there also on the 7th of February. Vicki said she had been in contact with you and we were all going to get together during our February fills. Sounds like you are doing great. Me too - afraid to weigh though - always scared that I will be disappointed, even though I can tell that I am losing weight.