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  1. How are you doing? I had surgery done in 2012 and can remember coming home opening the fridge door like 20 times back and forth then crying while looking in the fridge because I felt like I couldn't eat anything. I love food too. I have had to change how I look at food vs. how I want to look and feel in my body.
  2. You will hit a wall. Keep to your proteins, CHEW CHEW CHEW, veggies and you might have to increase your water intake. I got to points where I had to focus on my water more than my protein intake. Just think it as you need the water to flush the fat out.
  3. The only shakes I could tolerate then and now are Premier protein that are already made. I buy them at Costco but you can buy there everywhere now. TOTALLY worth it. I am not a huge chocolate fan so I stay away from that flavor.
  4. I traveled from WA state in 2012 for my surgery. Everything was great. I would go back for other work if and when needed. For me when I went back in 2012 you had to walk across the boarder home. I don't know what the rules are now it would have been nicer if we could have all just stayed in the van as it was a little rough dragging your bag, and the line was terrible and the driver told us to just cut the line and gave us a wheel chair for one. Other than that it was fantastic. Oh and the crossing the boarder back home was comical with what I explained above once we all cleared we were just laughing. I had fun with my group.
  5. I had sleeve done in 2012, I still have to take a PPI. The only way I don't have to take a PPI is if I am very strict with my food types, fluid consumed in a sitting and NOTHING to drink or eat before bed. That is hard for me as I take bed time medication so I have to have some fluid with those. Even 4oz of water at bed time is a killer for me. It is hard I also have Asthma and that is really bad when I have re flux issues as the reflux irritates my lungs.
  6. I have had some weight gain back too. It just shows this is a tool but not a fix. You have to fix why you over eat to gain weight in the first place. I know I am a stress eater. I still have restriction but just eat the wrong things and all day. I am working on it. I suggest to others try to get in the good habit of replacing exercise for your triggers in place of food. I am working on that now.
  7. Beans, nuts, shakes would be it for you it sounds like then. That would be hard I don't know any very strict vegetarians I have a aunt and uncle that have been vegetarian for years but my aunt had to start eating seafood to get her weight under control.
  8. I love the Chike coffee one it is so much better than Click brand. I have tried the chike flavors and not fond of them. I only really like the pre-made Premier Protein ones Vanilla with a splash of OJ. I bought some stuff that I have been choking down (orgain protein powder) They are better with a scoop of the BP powder in it. I am going to try the recipe on the back tomorrow with adding a frozen banana.
  9. I agree with Dolitle. Food can only get you so much and then you have to start movin. I would focus on food high in protein, and veggies, I would also suggest counting those calories too as you can still be taking in high cal/high proteins and then that will slow things down. Also how you are cooking the chicken but that end would be counting calories. I would suggest trying out myfitnesspal with help for counting calories and they even have a recipe builder that I love.
  10. I guess I would have to know more. What weight did you start and you are only 3 months out. Did you follow the post op diet?
  11. It will get better with time, I honestly feel if he is struggling this much emotionally that it would help for him to go talk to someone. I would STOP making his old favorites and make him something he can eat. GRAY is like drinking while eating it hurts, NO soups, they hurt. Help him find new favorites. Does he like fish, ground meat is so much easier to eat, scrambled eggs, Chicken was the hardest meat for me as you have to chew it like gum so it doesn't hurt. cottage cheese, geek yogurt. Check out this person blog if you are very interested in helping with food. http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/ I hope I don't sound harsh and mean but you can't help him he has to help himself but if you want to make him food and things he can eat. Rich heavy foods made me sick. I could not do them at all, sweets were the same, it was like a little kid that got a belly ache. Here was my scale of what I could handle 8 months post op as I HAD NO cheats till then. I could only eat a mini cupcake with half the frosting removed and I was done, satisfied/full.
  12. I am sorry but as someone who struggles with food you can do NOTHING. I know it is hard but even food suggestions he will resent you for. I know you want to help him so I would say focus on his triggers that makes him want to eat. STOP focusing on the food aspect of it. I don't know how long he is post op but it took me a long time to eat what I call "normal" now as in I can have what everyone else is eating just a way smaller portion. My husband did not get the clue and I would keep going to the fridge open close it walk away. He would comment. Finally one say I screamed " you are pissing me off and all I want to do is EAT and I can't even do that" obviously we all over eat for various reasons and most are some self soothing. I would try to help him focus on just well being. I hope you don't take this as harsh but the worst thing post op is EATING out ... because YOU cant eat just anything. baby steps. I would also encourage proper hydration and walking together. If he would like to rinse his mouth out he can swish and spit or suck on an ice cube.
  13. You can try to email them to see if they can give you examples of the diets they give out. I think it depends on your starting BMI and a few other health issues are taken into account. Also the main purpose besides the loss of weight is to flush the fat from your liver as that is where excess fat is stored to help aid in surgery. As it makes the procedure easier to retract the liver to gain access to the stomach.
  14. The "diet" I did was the one you are to do for 2 weeks, 2 protein shakes and a dinner (lean cuisine). I had a bit to loose and didn't give myself a month so I did it for three weeks. I would say find a hobby while doing it that occupies time. reading, crafting something... anything that will help also go to bed early helps me a lot when I am trying not to snack but that is because that is my snacking time.
  15. There are a few different pain meds they give out as I was allergic to one so they had to give me something different than what they gave the other gals in my group. I can say I didn't take them and I was fine they didn't seem to really do anything for me. I had the drain in from surgery till right before I left. That is the last thing you do before you leave you have your drain taken out mine was in Monday till Thursday morning, then the driver drives you to the boarder to cross, then the airport. You will have free WIFI at OCC clinic and hotel. A lot of people have mixed feelings about their drain. It didn't really bother me, maybe a little pinchy at times if I was bending or lying a certain way. Some people dread the removal. Relax breath when they tell you too. All I can say the removal is like is tickles in a odd queasy sensation. It felt awesome once it is out like a band aid being ripped off.
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