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  1. My pcp is requesting from OCC the type of blood work she should be ordering. She states most of the time the surgeon orders those and follows up. She is happy to do it but doesn't know what she should be ordering. Anyone know?
  2. What's the typical length of time that the surgery takes and how long willI be in the recovery room after the surgery. My hubby is wondering how soon he'll get to see me after surgery.
  3. I just recently moved to Ocean Shores and wondered if there was anyone from Grays Harbor County WA who is on this board and had vsg?
  4. I was previously duagnosed with Barretts but after a number of years on PPIs, I now have a clean hill of health. I have been told GERD and heartburn can be a problem after vsg. I have also been told irs not an issue. My OCC consultant advised me that DrOrtiz leaves the curve at the top of the stomach in place and that helps stop heartburn. Has anyone else received any info about this?
  5. I have been trying to find out what type of care or guidance I can expect from OCC when I get back to the States? What about buying insurance for complications? I have heard US med insurance eont cover complications from surgery in Mexico? Does OCC provide referrals to US foctors for follow uo care? How fo you find a dr to support your follow up care when youve had surgery in Mexco?
  6. Is there a central area in the forum (or elsewhere) where the nutrionist answers questions, posts hints and menu tips? I have the info she sent to me but cant find anything on this forum. Perhaps a nutritionist portion of the forum.
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