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  1. Stacygirl36

    One Year later

    Well today is my one year anniversary and i am more then proud to say i have dropped 120 pounds.. and regained my life and smile. i no longer hurt every time i move and have more energy then i know what to do with... for the first time in years i actually went horseback riding which was a huge milestone for me.. Thank you OCC for allowing me to get back to what i love you guys are awesome
  2. Stacygirl36

    unnamed (5)

    Thank you I feel absolutely amazing
  3. Stacygirl36

    90 pounds and fading

  4. Stacygirl36

    Just over 3 months..

    im not overly sure on that i have 2 other friends that had plication and seen the same amazing results i am i do believe recovery time is less with plication i had my surgery on a Wednesday and by Friday i was walking around mexico also proud to report i am now in a size 18
  5. Stacygirl36

    Just over 3 months..

    Wow Wow Wow thats all i can say.. I am 3.5 months post op and down almost 80 pounds never in my life have i felt as good as i do.. i have gone from a Size 26 jean down to a loose fitting 20 almost ready for the next drop.. I walk 5 miles a day when before walking a block was a chore.. Thank you OCC you have given me my life back
  6. thats awesome to hear i had my Plication on Jan 14/15 i have lost almost 80 pounds what a life changing difference i have never had more energy or felt better in my life
  7. Stacygirl36

    March 4th

    Congratulations on your surgery i had my Plication on Jan 14/15 i am down 30 pounds so far and i feel great its the biggest life change you can ever make
  8. Stacygirl36

    Feeling Great

    I had my surgery on Jan 14/15 and i have never felt better I have lost 28 pounds since surgery and have now been able to get into jeans i haven't worn in 4 years i am super excited for my new life best thing i have ever done for myself!!!