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  1. How is it going now. Bet your loosing now?
  2. Are you traveling with someone? I'm heading down alone, I'll see you there at least!
  3. What did you decide?
  4. I had a passport (you can get a passport in a few days, if you pay extra, at least in Canada) the earliest appointment I could get was 1 month away from the time I emailed that I was ready. I go March 23rd!!
  5. My Surgery Date is March 23rd, anyone else heading there on this day, I got the last appointment so I know it's full. I'm flying out of Calgary March 22nd.
  6. I'm wondering about the dehydration, until you leave the hospital , are they not giving you IV fluids?
  7. I think it's 27, just ask them!
  8. GiGi, My BMI Is 31 also. I'm booked for a gastric sleeve March 23rd. 2017. Every year I move up another size. I'd be more then happy to get 40-50lbs off and keep it off. Really hoping this helps me reach my goals. good luck to you!
  9. Please

    My Experience With OCC (Gastric Sleeve)

    I'm scheduled for March 23rd. I'm a little concerned about the things no one talks much about, like how bad is the heart burn and Gas?
  10. How Great! I hope things go well for me, I'm 41 with a 8 & 9 year old, I really want to get in better shape as well as loose the weight. Good Luck in your Marathons!
  11. I'm scheduled for March 23rd, flying out of Calgary AB. Anyone else?