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yesterday i had el pollo loco chicken tostado salad. worst mistake ever! it was disgusting. it wasn't even a salad. first it had iceberg lettuce which has no fiber in it whatsoever. then they put sourcream, some kind of dressing, rice, beans, two types of cheese and chicken. the only good thing about it was the chicken everything else was disgusting and loaded with grossness. oh yeah i forgot to mention all of this is put into a big crunchy deep fried taco shell dome thingy that i did not eat because i could smell the oil saturated within it..GROSS. i ate the chicken, the iceberg and beans. i told them not to put the sourcream or dressing on it, then i threw everything else away. i was angry because i paid 4 bucks for that when i could have gone to tropical smoothie and got a REAL salad for 3 dollars more! you know with real lettuce real vegetables! i was so disappointed because i really wanted a salad not FAT. the only reason why i went was because one of my coworkers heard me say something about el pollo loco and she was like are you going can you get me some chicken then i was like i don't know i'm just talking out loud about it..then she was like are you going to go like incessantly asking me so finally i was like yeah sure ok...so i went to get her chicken and i was thinking i should just get chicken too then i was like oh a salad i really want a salad so why not right...ugh. but they do have good chicken because they don't deep fry it only grill so i would go back only for the chicken..or maybe not.

i haven't eaten fast food in like 2 almost 3 months now so to eat something from a fast food place again really made me realize why i stopped eating fast food in the first place. so that pretty much made up my mind forever. no more fast food not even a "salad". its all gross. i hate it.

this is horrible and really embarrassing but i don't cook. its not that i don't know how its just that i don't have time or patience. i even hate making oatmeal! we don't have a microwave because my mom read that making food with radiation was not very healthy. which makes total sense so even to heat up something i would have to "cook" it so i just say forget it and then i don't eat anything. i usually grab something fast i guess thats why i like fruits and raw veggies. maybe thats why i've been continuously losing weight too ha. if i eat meat/fish someone already made it for me. i haven't had eggs in like months because i don't even want to fry an egg i'm that anti-cooking! i don't eat pasta anymore because i don't want to boil water or heat up the sauce. i rarely eat bread because i don't want to toast it. hmmm maybe i'm just lazy....oh well...hahahaa :lol: :lol:

anyway i lost two more lbs and another inch from my waist, hips, and thighs :D 6more lbs before my 100lb happy dance :D :D


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