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Should I Be Worried?



Today I have made a decision that will impact the rest of my life. I have scheduled the date I am going to have my Lap-Band Surgery. After 20 years of being overweight, and feeling constantly inadequate I have decided to make my move. Thanks to the insurance companies however they don't feel that a BMI of 36.8 is worthy of coverage on this procedure because I have the nerve to be healthy otherwise. I think that being 235 pounds, and can't purchase clothing at a regular store a bit more than a nuisance! So, after much soul searching, and investigation on the internet...I have chosen Dr. Ariel Ortiz to do my surgery on January 13th, 2009.

I have a lot of support from my family, and close friends. However, I get a lot of "Going to Mexico to have surgery? Are you out of your mind?"

I don't know...am I out of my mind?

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