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It's about time..



=D> I am on my way to a life changing experience. I could remember saying " I could never go through with a weight loss surgery, that's just lazy." Now, look at me, I can't stop talking about it. Going to the seminar really opened my eyes to all the "bad" morbidities, with being morbidly obese. I mean dang I am 360 + I can't be weighed in my MD's office, therefore, I have to wait to really know my weight, when I meet with the surgeon I have chosen ( Dr. David Oliak ). Anyways, I am really excited and nervous. Nervous about how I am gonna deal with no snacking and most importantly taking my time to actually chew the meals. I won't bore you all. SO, feel free to comment.

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i am @ 2 weeks 14 lb alrady feel better started 242 ....... the constant bloated feelings gone and not lazy way work just starting hunny trying to move and get more active every day

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