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My First Entry



My surgery is scheduled for the Oct 15th so I am just trying to get a few last minute things done...like lose 5 more lbs:)

I had my husband take a few pictures of me to post on this blog but I can't seem to get the images to upload...will have to work on that more. Although it is probably a blessing for anyone who comes across this blog that you aren't able to see the images...I would hate for someone to throw up a protein shake or broth or whatever everyone is dining on today :D All I can say is I hope that lap band surgery also helps one get rid of cellulite!

I saw my mom yesterday and she started to cry because she don't want me to be so far away while getting surgery. We live in New Hampshire.

Getting a little nervous, but mostly excited! I wanted to thank all the your blogs, pictures and entries. There is a lot of support out there. One person that I have looked at time and time again is MamaMichelle, your pictures were actually inspiration for me to get up the gumption to take some pictures in a bikini. I can't wait to take some more pictures in a couple of weeks/months to take a look at the progress.

This is my first blog so I don't know how this will work out, but I certainly will post more once I get back from Mexico! Wich me luck and good luck to all the Bandsters out there, remember we are all in this together!


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