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Thursday at Recovery by the Sea



Things are getting better,, man,, am I sore from this surgery. I can really see the differance in my strength from the day of my surgery to now. The girls here at Recovery by the Sea are the best. I couldn't imagine trying to do my recovery on my own,, like at the Lucerna or a hotel close by. This LBL surgery is a tough one. You need TLC after surgery and "The" place to go to down here in Tijuana is Recovery by the Sea. RBTS is like having your Mom take care of you after you've hurt yourself. They do everything for you and the rate is reasonable. I'm surrounded by a bunch of chic's and my wife,, like I'm the only guy here. There's patients here that have had all different types of plastic surgery,, but most of them are LBL patients. I need to get back into bed and rest,, plus elevate my feet. My wife leaves tomorrow to head back home,, I'm staying till next Wednesday. I'll blog some more tomorrow. I need to get some rest.


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