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Friday at Recovery by the Sea




Today is Friday,, my wife headed back home and I'll be here till next Wednesday. I'm feeling better every day. The girls here at Recovery by the Sea are really nice. There's 4 women here that had plastic surgery and I'm the only guy. 3 of them had LBL and one had a lot of lypo done. The girl that had the lypo is really sore. I think she had too much done in one visit. Another had the LBL and wanted to stay an extra week to have a face lift,, but Cosmed wouldn't do it. They were concerned over her saftey and her blood levels were low from the LBL. This goes to say that Cosmed thinks about their patients. They'd rather turn you down than risk your health. I'd say that was a big plus for Cosmed and Dr. Quiroz. They have a great reputation and they want to keep it that way. I probably won't do a blog tomorrow, I'm kind of in a healing mode and there's just not much I can write about till I go back to Cosmed for a check up, that would be either on Monday or Tuesday before I fly back home. I know many of you are watching and learning what it's like to go through a LBL. It's an adventure,, that's for sure.


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