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Pulled a Drainage Tube



It's Thursday, November 6th. I had an issue develope concerning a small lump at the top of my left leg/groin crease. It's about the size of a small jaw breaker. I called Dr. Quiroz and he said it was common to have a drainage issue in the lymphoid in that area and not to mess with it, it should go down on its own over time. He decided I needed to pull the right tube out and reassemble the suction reservoir to do only one tube. I disassembled the tubing and pulled the right drainage tube, it slid out real easy. I could feel it slide along my scar line on my right side. There was probably 1 foot of tubing inside. I also started appling a lotion on my surgical tape. This will release the tape from the scab under the tape. You don't want the tape coming off and pulling the scab with it. You want the scab to fall off naturally. Today I will monitor the left drainage tube,, if there isn't much I'll call Dr. Quiroz and he may decide to pull the left tube too. We'll see, I'm hoping the left tube comes out soon, it's a pain in the butt dealing with the tubes and reservoir. Other than that, each day gets better,, less pain and feeling stonger.

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Great to hear that you are doing well. Do you feel strange with you're new body. Hope you get that other tub out soon. Keep us posted on everything as some of us will be going thru this soon.

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