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Back To Work



It's Monday,, November 3rd, I went back to work today and tested the waters. I retired young, a couple years back, from the trucking industry. I took this little part time job working at our county court house. I only work 15 to 20 hours a week. It's sort of like a hobby job. LOL. I had to go buy a new pair of pants to go with my suit coat. With being swollen and bruised really good, I had to buy a pair that was 2 sizes larger than what I worn before surgery. My biggest concern was hiding the drain resviour and standing on my feet for more than a few minutes. I only had to do court for a couple hours today,, I'm glad,, I was a lttle wore out from just that. I didn't have any leaks, so I must have done a good job with my bandages. So I concider this a good day. Tomorrow I'm off,, so its a R & R day. I can't wait to get rid of those drain tubes, Cosmed won't let you pull the tubes till you drain less than 25cc's in a day. I'm at 75cc's a day. After work I stopped by the local health store and picked up some Silver Nitrate spray, to spray into my belly button, I'm trying real hard to stay on top of that.

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