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winter jackets in vegas II



so i went out looking for that white pullover in a L at several old navy stores and nothing! i was super annoyed but then i got something better!!!!! :D :D :D



in a size L! not an XL but an L! it's jr sizes like a slim fit so sizes run smaller..HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy! i didn't realize i had lost so much inches. i know last year around this time i would have never ever ever fit into a jacket that small. i probably couldn't even get it up past my arms...anyways yippeeeeee :lol:

oh yeah my car is in the shop for the next 3 weeks or so. ehhh so i'm basically stranded at home with no car and i feel like i'm 15 again or something. its pretty awful not having a car and it's only been a few hours...but i guess that means i just have to walk everywhere which is fine because everything is super close its just cold but now i have my new jacket that will keep me warm yay!


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