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Hi All,

I am thinking that someone is reading this besides me. If nothing else this is therapueatic (sp). So here goes my accounts of yesterday evening adventures as well as todays events. I am on day 8 or 9 depending on weather you count the day of the surgery. Everything seems to be going well except for the constipation/back pain I discussed yesterday. I finally got in touch with the doctors and they instructed me to take Milk of Magnesia. They also indicated that with the change in diet, this was normal. So I completed this task and things went as expected. But I still have the lower left back pain. I am begining to think it is related to my kidneys or something. It not severe but it is very uncomfortable. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 5. I have increase my water intake, because I am sure, I have not been drinking enough. 64 ozs is a lot! I am barely making 32oz. Keep in mind, I am drinking other stuff like gatoraide. I have lost about ten pounds and i seem to always feel full. Right now, I feel I need to eat but I really have no appetite. Perhaps this is all mental. I am so excited. I am going to give this back pain a few more days and if this does not resolve itself i will seek medical help.

Well, that is all i have for today. Does anyone know how long your stomach stays swollen?

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I also had a lot of back pain after my lap band surgery. It was sore for about a month after. Now, its been 2 months since my surgery and I have no back pain at all. Hang in there, it will get better!

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