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it's going to be a white christmas



it's snowing in VEGAS!!! it's been snowing all day! i can't believe it, everything is white!

i weighed myself and i'm the same weight. thank you! then i measured myself and i lost another inch from my waist and hips! wow! i am so shocked and this whole time i felt like i gained at least 5lbs back and 24375027406 inches back! i'm just so scared of gaining any of that weight back...i don't ever want to go back...i used to have nightmares where i would binge eat and i couldn't stop..i would wake up thinking i really did binge eat and ruined everything. then i realized it was just a nightmare but it terrified me...

i've been thinking of moving to alaska or rhode island.

i realized i'm such a sucker. everytime someone comes crawling back to me i always accept them back...i forgive them no matter what they've done. i wish i was stronger. i have this idealistic theory in my head that everyone is good. so i trust and love, hoping in return they will trust and love as well..

what do you do when someone comes back into your life and they're not supposed to ever come back? because not only do they bring themselves but others, others you made yourself forget...


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