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2 month post-op pictures



It's been 2 months since my surgery,, as promised I'm posting new pictures. I merged three pictures together (pre-op, 10 day post-op and 2 month post-op) so you can see the difference. The healing process has been slow. They say it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months or longer,, I believe them. LOL. I still have little aches and pains, depends how I move or stretch. The front of my stomach and the tops of my legs are still numb and swollen, but I can tell its getting less numb and swollen as time goes by. Also, I have a hard time telling the difference between my 10 day post-op and my 2 month post-op, but that's me. One thing that doesn't help is that since my LBL, I've gained 15 lbs, If you remember in a previous blog, Dr. Martinez removed .5cc's from my band the day before my LBL, So I have hardly any restriction. It goes to answer that question that pops up here at the forum about life after you have reached your goal, that question being once you have reached your goal weight do you have the band removed and you live a normal life?? I don't think so!! Old habits come back,, Thanksgiving and Christmas, AKA,, the fattening season doesn't help, plus not being able to exercise since the LBL add to the weight gain. I have made an appointment to get my band adjusted and have that .5cc's put back into my band. I should be able to start exercising at the beginning of the new year. I probably won't post new pictures till I hit the 6 month mark. I'll post a notice in the plastic surgery topic when that happens.


pre-op, 10 day post-op, 2 month post-op, Front


pre-op,10 day post-op, 2 month post-op, Side

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