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4 weeks since LBL surgery



It's been 4 weeks since my LBL surgery. Not much has changed, the healing process is very slow. I have been cutting and pulling stitches as my incision heals. I had to ask for help on a few of the stitches, my good friend and biking buddy used to be a nurse, she had to use her medical skills to remove several of my stitches that my wife couldn't get. It helped to share a bottle of white zin as we did this, it made it fun and she did a great job. I still have a couple stitches left in my incision on my right hip. That section is lagging behind the rest of my incision. I'm still swollen, the tops of my legs are still numb,, the left is worse than the right. My groin is still swollen and numb, but,, its all getting better,, slowly. I'll take and post pictures at the 2 month mark. If I did it now, you wouldn't see any difference.


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