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Just got home from banding



Banded 01-06-09 excited about my new journey. First thing I saw upon entering house was all the junk food I love soooo dearly.

I am already missing the taste of food and I am quickly understanding the difference between the physical hunger and the just wanting to eat

because it tastes good or smells good. It is like my junk food junkie fix, if it tastes good, I feel good. My time has come to find other things to

bring me pleasure. I can not expect everyone else in the house to give up things they like because I did not make good food choices.

Well, the OCC said to count the day I was banded as day one, so I have made it to day 4 and I am keeping a positive attitute.

I will be looking to all of you for help support and advice in hopes that I will someday be a success story who can help others.




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