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My first official day of my pre-op diet started yesterday.

i've had some stomach issues in the past, when i've been dieting, due to the lack of substance in my tummy - and the medication I'm on.

Just a bad bad mix!

I was experiencing some of these symptoms yesterday. I was throwing up constantly last night, every 30 minutes or so. But because i have nothing in my tummy, it was more gagging, to release the air that seems to be in there. I'd always feel better, but only for 30 minutes or so.


I didn't eat much yesterday. The protein shake I had for lunch didn't stay down.

I have such a delicate constitution! ;)

This morning, i had 2 eggs, which basically has the same nutritional value as 1 pro shake.

And it felt far more substantial. And I was satisfied.

Thank goodness I can have 2tbsp of cream in my morning coffee - i verified that with the nutritionist :)

Yesterday: 20 min HIIT cardio.

and a few little walkies with the boys (my dogs - i have a 14 mth old doberman & 8 yr old boston terrier)

Diet: 1 pro shake, that didn't stay down.

1 Weight Watchers frozen meal - turkey/mashed potatoes .. and a side salad of leaf lettuce and 2 squirts of some artificial low cal dressing i was told i could use.

2 kosher pickles as a snack.

I"ve decided to start blogging here, as I haven't felt 'safe' in my usual blog. I think most of my online friends are used to a lindsay with a positive, healthy attitude about life and nutrition. Over the past year, my priorities, and my physical/fitness goals have gone to shit.


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