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happy 4th of july!



yaya so i'm so happy right now because we were out all day with the kids! we brought them to a museum, desert exhibit, farmer's market, and then pre-fireworks at the park! it was the longest day ever but it was sooo much fun! So of course everybody was eating regular food like fast food or park food with the booths but I just refused to eat any of it. I got a salad and ate as many fruits I could find. I kept hydrated all day probably drank at least 8 bottles of water so that's good. I lost another pound this morning so I was determined to keep myself on the right track instead of trying to give myself an excuse to go off track because I was doing so well. you know when you're doing good so you think its ok just to do something else because you've "earned" it. well i figure i'm going to stop thinking like that because that's what always sets me back from reaching my goal. so yeah definitely no more thinking like that. i think probably the only "bad" thing i ate today which isn't so bad because it was at a farmer's market where everything is fresh was probably the organic cotton candy and a piece of natural cookie. I asked the man what "natural" meant and he said they have no preservatives, only pure and organic ingredients. Which is exactly what I'm going for. I told myself to not eat anymore processed foods. i'm staying away from anything and everything that comes in a can, box, or bag that has anything to do with ingredients that I KNOW doesn't come from nature. so today it was sooo hot that I didn't wear a cover up sweater of some sorts. I actually went without one! i NEVER go without a sweater or jacket. It doesn't matter how hot it gets I'm that girl wearing a black jacket outside in 100 degree weather. But today for some weird reason i felt comfortable just not wearing it. just a regular short sleeved shirt and i was good to go. i thought everybody was going to be staring at me but nobody even blinked an eye at me to make me feel awkward at all. and not to toot my own horn but i looked pretty good without it..ok then toot toot! How wonderful! i feel so good! i can't wait to lose this 8 lbs so i can make an even 10lb weight loss. yippee! tonight is fourth of july and that means party! but of course that does not mean i have to eat fattening food. there are always healthy alternatives so i'll be keeping my eyes open!


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