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no you girls never know how you make a boy feel



oh wow so i'm minding my own business today and just taking a day off to watch movies by myself with my window open and the fresh sunny breeze sweeping through. and guess who is calling me? yes that giovanni once again...so he's just asking me what i'm doing and i'm like chilling then hes like ok bye. anyway he calls me 15 minutes later and is like we're going to eat be ready in 15 minutes then he hangs up on me. great. so now i have to get ready because he's going to be over and this boy doesn't take no for an answer especially from me because he will literally drag me out by my legs kicking and screaming. hahaaa so i get ready and i meet him downstairs. so i knew instantly he was not in a good mood at all. so i tried to stay quiet and calm but he kept snapping at me and being really mean. so i was like gio what is wrong with you you're more on edge now than ever and he kept saying nothing was wrong with him so i kept my mouth shut and when he was mean i just kind of let him say whatever he wanted without arguing back. usually i fight with him till no end and tell him i hate his guts and to leave me alone. anyway so he stops at mcdonalds to eat and he knows i detest fastfood esp. mcdonalds and i know he did it to piss me off because he loves to mess with me. but i didn't care i was like just take me home i don't want to be around you.. then for some reason he was like let's go food shopping for you so we can plan your meals. then i was like um ok...so we're grocery shopping for salads and healthy food. then we come back home and he's preparing all my food for me. putting things in tupperware and stocking up my fridge. saying things like you can have a salad for lunch and strawberries as a snack.. :huh: he is sooooo weird...why does he think it necessary to say mean and hurtful things towards me but yet his actions totally go against what he says...i tell him i love him all the time but maybe i don't show it because i don't really call or text him but why should i? i'm kind of one of those girls that are completely indifferent i guess you can kind of say "cold"...i don't mean to be it's just that i don't like to bother people too much. but i should know by now that i don't bother gio, he probably wishes i did call or text him more often or asked him to do things instead of him always calling and asking me to do things. but he's that type of person that if you suggest it he doesn't want to do it. so i don't even bother. but i guess he just likes to hear it at least. eh whatever. i'm just going to let him be. he's with his other friend's boyfriend's birthday party at the venetian casino. i don't think he really wanted to go because he was hanging around me way too long.then i told him i was going to the gym and he was like i want to go to the gym..i was thinking to myself you have a party to attend you should leave now..please leave..ha it's so funny because he says i have jealousy issues and to a point i do but once i realize i have nothing to be jealous of everything just washes away from me. i used to be so jealous of gio always going out and hanging with his friends or that girl best friend of his but i'm looking at his actions and he contradicts himself everytime. he's always around me 24/7 he's always calling me just to talk to hang out. so i know he loves me so much. i mean who prepares your food for you for a week if they didn't care about you tremendously??? who calls you all the time and wants to be around you all the time if they didn't love you??? such a sweet boy....

well i'm going to the gym now bye!


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